Thursday, 7 July 2011

Planning is well underway for this trip - can't wait!

I consider myself  very lucky. As my wife is Vietnamese I have the privilege of seeing more than the average tourist in this exotic land -  and having the contacts to do it 'my way'! This will be my second trip - but much longer.  I rode 300kms alone last year down to Hoa Binh from Ha Noi ,on back roads predominantly, on a Honda XL125 - and that was enough!  Bloody hell the seats are uncomfortable!
 But it was great.  Here is the highway out of Ha Noi.  Ends at the gravel road below- so bugger all TRAFFIC!
Need fuel?  No problem - this is a gas station:
Even the dogs are friendly!  WRONG! My wife just corrected me on this - dogs are for protecting houses in Vietnam - so don't try to pat them.  They bite!
If you want to see it 'eu naturale' - you better be quick.  This is what is planned:
You need to be polite and friendly - as the Vietnamese people are, in my experience.  Mistakes happen - I rode down here to see the river, but ended up in someone's kitchen trying to turn the bike around.  Very embarrassing!  But no-one got upset - amazing.
Next time I go on what the locals ride:
....and here it is - comfortable, practical and LIGHT!
- and this is what I want to see and experience for myself:

17 days and 2000 kms of 'heaven' - wish us luck!